Childhood, yesterday and today

I remember as a small boy, I would go across the road to play in the field and forest. I would carry my little bow and arrow. One of my favorite things  would be tracking rabbits,grouse, or just about any track I could find. I realized the more I practiced, the more game I would find at the end of the track. Today as a man, I still practice the skill of tracking and yes, the solitude of the forest. I also do this in church, and you can too . Be aware of what songs, testimonies, and also the preaching as you keep notes and many times you will see that a lot of the time these events will be intertwined together. Watch with the eyes and listen with the heart and have a joyous time following God through the service. Walking with God is thrills, romance, and adventure. Give it a try, and you may like it.Image

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