a journey of learning together

A friend of mine called me back in October one evening, asking if I would take him squirrel hunting. He had never been hunting before and wanted me to teach him.  I said sure I would be glad to and to meet at our church. We got off to a good early start and got a chance to chat for a few minutes since we didn’t have far to go.While walking to the section of woods we were to hunt in, a squirrel began to bark (or some say quack) upon the hill side. I told my friend ,Doc, that was their normal sound, and when they were agitated, they would bark fairly fast while flipping their tail up and down. I preceded to share that he could tell when a squirrel was coming down a tree, because they will make a mewing sound. We had a really good day, both having a lot of fun. He, excited about his learning experience, and  I having a chance to share my joy of the outdoors. I will be writing more about our hunting together later on. I know I have many weaknesses, but I wonder, what is your normal sound when happy? When agitated or angry what sound do you make when you come down from that attitude and have to apologize? ImageImage. We all have to think before we speak, because it’s a lesson we have to learn over and over again.

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