A boy and his dad

When I was a young boy of about fifteen, I got a call that my dad had been injured at work and was in the hospital. I rushed to the hospital to see him and as I walked into the room, my dad looked up and when he saw me ,he began to cry. I had never saw my dad cry at any time,and the reason was  that my dad had started taking me squirrel hunting when I was very young. Now he thought all that was gone. He said to me, ” I won’t be able to hunt anymore”. There wasn’t much I could say to that, so after the visit with him, I just told him I would see him later. I had been saving up money from my paper route to my  myself something, so after leaving the hospital I went straight to the bank and drew out all the money I had and went to a pawn shop in town and bought a 410 automatic shotgun for him to use. We  once again went hunting and after using the 410 maybe a couple times, dad got his confidence back and started using his 12 gauge again.  You see, I forgot to mention that dad had lost his right hand in that accident. My dad never knew the word quit, and so I knew he wouldn’t quit now. That savings was all I had but nothing was so important as my dad. Have you ever had to make a choice to give something up or rather to help someone in need, I hope we all will always make that right choice for what it boils down to is an issue of the heart.              Be Blessed and Remain a BlessingImage

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