Eyes are a marvelous gift, to scan te heavens and let them swoop down from the heights to the fields below. WOW! I have [ for me] found a better way to see things, and I’m sure this has been done by our native Indians and others before I ever tried it. I call it having soft eyes, which gives me greater clarity in range . The peripheral from side to side is greater and sharper as also the up an down motion. Sometimes even the slightest twitch of movement is seen. All this helps in hunting and using the camera. Of course all these things I’ll never perfect in this lifetime. In the life to come afterwards, my eyes will be perfect,no more glasses,no pain, and no more sadness or sorrows. No more tears to shed as I did when praying for the hurts of people around this world. All those are gone in the wonderful presence of our Lord Jesus. Be blessed and remain a blessingImageImage

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One Response to eyes2

  1. Roger Boggess says:

    LOVE these pics and comments……very creative! Wish we could enjoy the woods as you do!

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