Years ago when I was a small boy of six or seven, I would take a pencil and try to draw Lil Abner and Dick Tracy in the newspaper. I gave it up after a little while when I got interested in sports. Many years went past , in fact a lot of years. It was after I retired from the postal system that I picked up a pencil  once again to try an draw. Never did like acrylics, or oils, and I still don’t like to paint, house paint included, though I do try to help when my wife wants to paint some rooms. Personally, my favorites are pastels, color pencils, and graphite pencil, I guess because you can just pick them up an go and don’t have to worry about a lot of mess stirring and mixing colors and waiting on the drying time. I’m not very good but I like to dabble at it, and it takes my mind off all  things for a while. So I am posting one for you and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks and be Blessed.Image

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2 Responses to sketching

  1. Outstanding perspective. Well done.

  2. praynman says:

    Thank you, your kind words help me on this journey.

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