On the range

I’ve mentioned before my love of the woods and sketching with pencil,color pencil and pastels.I did mention as a little boy starting out with a bow and arrow, which I still use on occasion. Then dad gave me my first shotgun,then I purchased  a 22.cal. rifle, which you can really have a lot of fun with. Later on I found 22 magnums were good for dispatching groundhogs from farmers gardens and fields. probably the best times I ever experienced was in the Army reserves where I worked in the weapons room. One day they ask if anyone wanted a chance to perform on a rifle team, and I jumped at the opportunity to try out. I did pretty well, so I spent the last few years of reserve time going to Army matches around the country. I love to shoot any kind of weapon from a machine gun to a m14 and there is a warm spot in my heart for the lowly and almost forgotten bb gun, which  I practiced with a lot. Did you know that Floyd Patterson,former world boxing champion could shoot a bb out of the air with a bb gun? Yes! no fooling. I could shoot small things out of the air but never tried a bb. No bragging because in playing most sports, and competing in different events in life, no matter what you try, there is always someone better than you are at any given task. So just relax and enjoy what you are able to do and have a good time.  Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

ps.  Thanks, and I appreciate all the support you’ve given

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One Response to On the range

  1. Roger/Gloria Boggess says:

    Like this one alot (GB)…..we can all go shooting this spring at the range perhaps. I LOVE to shoot and have a .22 rifle , but scheduling this will be up to you guys! You’ll have to tell us about more exploits from your past shooting experiences, for sure!

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