I remember

rabbitI remember when the kids were small and curious and wanted to be right in the middle of everything we were doing. Many times I would be sitting down to try and start a drawing of a person or animal. The moment I would get my pencils out, each one would be looking over my shoulder to see what I was making, and as soon as the outline began to take form, one would squeal and yell “Daddy, I want that one.” After each one got a drawing to color, I could now begin draw a little. This was a ritual I faced every time I picked up pencils. Don’t get me wrong, I never regretted it at anytime. I actually enjoyed those little interruptions. Looking back, I wish I could do it again. It’s a good feeling when their fussing all over you. I confess, when you are not needed as much anymore it’s a kind of lost, lonely, sad feeling. Even now it produces a melancholy atmosphere. Am I rambling too much? OK, I quit, and by God’s grace I’ll be with you tomorrow. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Imagerabbit

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