Sweet Sound

I drew this instrument a few years ago and felt it would go with writing. It looks good sitting over in the corner, with it’s graceful curves and handsome dark wood shining, waiting to be picked up and played. It makes beautiful music when given the opportunity to play. The strings give off a haunting but sweet sound,only it can’t because it still sits in the corner. Are we like this stringed instrument, waiting to be used? God knows the right moment to for us to speak that sweet sound of love, joy, comfort, or just an encouraging word to the person who needs it. Maybe there is someone waiting to speak into our lives. Will we receive their kindness, knowing that it’s out of caring that they come to us? I hope we remember that love is a great motivator. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.music

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One Response to Sweet Sound

  1. Roger/Gloria Boggess says:

    IMPRESSIVE…is this the actual drawing you made???? You are a true artist and it was a hidden talent from us! LOVELY!

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