Caring steps

Previously I have written about entering the woods in silence, walking quietly, trying to respect the dignity of God’s forest. Now, as I have parked my car close to my favorite spot to photograph birds and animals, I have put seed for the birds on the ground. I sit and wait, but it doesn’t take very long for the first birds to arrive along with a squirrel. The animals have come in respectfully, quietly, and if there is a sound they make, it is very soft and beautiful. We can learn from these experiences how to conduct ourselves around the hurting, sick, troubled, or in some cases the dying. We will at some time have a family member, or friend that are in these different situations. Lord, help us to enter a room where there is a sick loved one, that we slip in quietly, and if we speak may it be in a soft gentle voice, speaking with love and encouragement. With respect to the dying. The hearing is one of the last things to go, so hopefully we won’t say something negative in their presence that could crush their spirit. May God help us all to be that person that brings peace, hope and encouragement. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.ImageImageImage.

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