Oh! My What a Day

This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it. Ah! Waking up and seeing the sunlight shining through the windows, I can hardly wait to get started. First, I’ll have my wife fix up some vittles (food) to eat. Eggs,bacon, fried potatoes, and later on when I get back maybe some bearsign (donuts). With a belly full of food and cameras in hand, I’m ready to get started. As always I ask the Lord what He is going to show me and teach me this day. With anticipation I look to see what He has for me.When I ask the Lord, I have the confidence that He will walk with me and show me the things He knows that are good for spiritual well being. What is your excited anticipation – is it golfing, crafting, beauty, pride, or even riches? Do they draw us closer to God or do we drift further from Him? Seek the good way, for it’s path leads to inner peace. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image


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2 Responses to Oh! My What a Day

  1. Roger Boggess says:

    Hey Gene, This is a wonderful ‘blog’ site and we enjoyed all your inspiring musings, so we will be reading or ‘following’, but you already know our email, so…….keep up all the good work for the Lord and BE BLESSED…..YOU AND JANICE!!

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