No feelings

One Christmas my son gave me a  submarine game as a gift. It was a good, realistic game that you battled warships on the high seas during WWII. I never knew the significance of what it was doing to me until sometime later. A friend of mine wanted me to go hunting with him. We met at his home one evening and drove to his farm a few miles away. He told me that the deer came out just about dark, so we stood under  the porch of the house out of a light rain that had just passed through.  I said , “We better give it up and quit. It’s getting too dark to see anything.” He insisted that it wasn’t too dark, and I looked down and couldn’t even see my shoe tops.  All of a sudden, down to our left, we could barely make out a line of about six or seven deer walking single file along the edge of the field.  At about a hundred and twenty-five yards  they began to move up toward the center of the field.  I put the scoped cross-hairs on one deer and could barely see a little patch of white on it’s shoulder. I was just as calm as could be, no nervous feelings at all, and  squeezed off the shot and dropped the deer on the spot. A few days later I got to thinking  about how I had shot that deer and the realization hit me, that when I had the deer in my sight and fired off  one round, I had no feelings all. It was just too easy to do it. Many people in today’s society are saying that action shooting games or the action movies have no effect on our kids. This is foolishly feeding parents a false story. If it can effect me the way it did (and I’ve done more than my share of shooting) then I know it is effecting our children. I got rid of the game I had and hope you consider doing this also, but perhaps you can handle it better than I did. Whatever you decide, you know best what is good for your family. I’m not trying to meddle in peoples affairs. I hope you take this as someone who loves and cares about all who read these blogs. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessingfoggy

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