Learning the basics

Looking at some photos last night, I pulled out a couple of them and would like to share one today. This one is on the firing line at an Army match in Fort Knox,Ky.. It was, I believe where I participated in my first match, and most of all received my first medal, winning the three hundred yard rapid fire competition as a new shooter. I was always in awe of a lot of these great shooters, especially the one with the president’s hundred on their shoulders. When I would see a small group of them talking together, I would walk up to them and just listen and try to glean as much shooting wisdom from them as I could. When I gave myself to Jesus Christ, I would apply the same attitude to my Christian walk. We would often attend other churches and meetings, experiencing new ways of worship and preaching. As with shooting, I often tried to get as close to the men of God as I could to glean their wisdom and understanding of prayer and the Bible. i would encourage anyone who is endeavoring to follow Christ, to get close to the pastor, or men and women of prayer, as much as you can. The benefits from it will enhance your walk with Christ. May God be with you till we meet again.Image

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