I remember the great times we had as little boys growing up, knowing  and expecting each new day to bring some new adventure. We had a lot of boys in our small neighborhood, so usually all I had to do  was to step outside the house and to  holler the boys name that lived closest to us. Then the real work began trying to get everyone to agree to do the same thing. Some would want to go to the playground to play baseball. In our case we used tennis balls so we wouldn’t break windows out of the houses close by. One of things we liked best was to hike about a mile over the mountain and through the woods to the upper part of Edgewood golf course. After arriving there we would spend the day playing football, baseball and some times play golf, only it was kind of hard to do since we could play two holes without getting caught, and we only had three or four clubs. There’s more to share, but I will save them for a future time. Right now as I write this I can see the guys’ faces in my mind and I can still hear their voices. I kind of miss those times, but things change. You grow up and grow older. My journey through life today is still exciting and my world is still full of surprises. I’m so thankful to God that He has helped me to keep a child-like heart and still have an expectation for the best that is still ahead. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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