On the Army rifle range sometimes we had to act as a spotter for our team as only five would be on the line competing at a time. When the range officer would give the command to commence firing, I would stand behind the first shooter with binoculars and watch his bullet split the airways and would direct him in his changes in elevation or windage if needed. I would proceed to each shooter as quickly as possible to maximize their scoring effort on their targets. Here at home, I like to roam the forest with my bow and arrows with blunt tips, so as not lose my arrows as I would shoot at stumps or other small targets. As I knock the arrow on the string, and pull back to full draw, I release the arrow to the target. I always enjoyed watching that bright plastic knock as it flew swiftly through the trees to it’s target. In my fascination with either a bullet or an arrow flying, there is a joy I can’t describe; but the relationship of being one with arrow or rifle is a feeling so good, that you just have to try it for yourself. There is a connection with those elements that’s always been a part of me. The relationship I have with those things, I dearly would like to have with people. Some say I already do connect with people. I hope so. May God be with you till we meet again. Remain Blessed.



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