Dad, as I have mentioned before, lost his right hand when I was a young teenager. He also (and foremost) was a freewill Baptist preacher. In the “old” days when I was a small boy, dad and mom would take us to church, and many times it might be in the coal camps, or out in the  country or in town. Many times after preaching a sermon, the deacons and men up in the front pews would go in the back of the church and practically drag men to the altar. They would get them to kneel and try to get them to accept Jesus as Saviour. I expect a few received Christ that way, but many more did not. I know the method may have not been right, but their love for the people was in the right place. Dad left me a legacy of love for all people regardless of background or circumstance. I have found my calling in Christ is praying for all the people of the world. The hurting, sick, lonely, lost, or those imprisoned (physically and spiritually). I hope to leave young people and old with a desire to serve Christ with all their heart. I’m hoping that everyone has a desire to leave a mark or legacy upon their generation. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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