During my early years, as a child I sometimes stayed with my grandma, who lived in the house next door. She lived by herself, but never seemed alone, always talking to herself or maybe someone I could not see. Her living room was very peaceful and I always liked looking at the small objects on the tables. I will never forget the small gas fireplace that heated the living room, and right in front of the fireplace was a old circular rug. When I would stay all night once in a while, that was my bed, and I would just lay down on the rug and let the heat from the fireplace put me to sleep. I never told my brothers and one sister, but I think I was her favorite. Sometimes she would bake pies for us, and once in a while she would take one pie and hide it for me in the bottom  the stove. My sister reads these stories and now she’s learning one of my secrets. Oh well, she’s a big girl now. I think she can handle it. I’ll never forget my grandma, and the contentment I felt being with her in her home. All of my grandparents are gone now, but I’m thankful for each one of them. I believe everyone has a good memory to recall once in a while, and remember those special moments. When we do recall those times, let’s take time to thank God for bringing those special loved ones into our lives. We became a better people because of them. Thank you Lord, for the memories. Be Blessed and Remain a  Blessing.Image

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