Are you standing

A while back, and as usual, I was wandering through field and forest, looking for an animal track, and other times looking to find something to photograph. As  I was crossing a field to enter the woods, I saw this post standing by itself, alone, forgotten ,waiting to be over grown or just fall down from the wear and tear of time and weather. Do we get that feeling once in a while that we are standing alone, no one to share life’s battles with? Is there anyone who really cares? Remember this my friend, you are never alone, wasted, or forgotten. God knows exactly where you are, and knows what you need at any given time. The battles of this life are only used to increase our faith and to reposition us for the next opportunity to help another person who is doing their best to stand also. Don’t give up, or give in, because we are all in this journey of life together. In and through all things, give God all the praise and glory. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing until we meet again.Image

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One Response to Are you standing

  1. Gloria Boggess says:

    Certainly one your your very BEST mediations; the picture is a real winner, also; should be entered into competition somewhere. Thanks for the spiritual vitamins!!

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