Spring is on the way, and everyone is ready to get out and do their thing. Some will get their gardens ready, while others will fish, golf, and maybe go birding. The ones I want to address, are the shooters, plinkers, or whatever you want to be called. A few have lots of acreage, while others are limited to a small area. To those that are limited and shoot 22 cal. or 22 magnums, and use scopes on their rifles, and want to hit targets at one hundred yards. Sighting the 22 cal. at fifteen yards, you will be dead on at seventy-five  yards. The 22 mag. sight in at twenty-five yards, will put you dead on at one hundred yards. This is using the regular shell for these different rifles, because some are manufacturing some new bullets that are faster in velocity. No matter where you do your shooting, practice safety, with your weapon always pointed down range. When going to get your targets, be sure cease fire is in effect and all weapons are empty and are laying down. Try always to have a  knowledgeable shooter with you to help on the range. Be safe. Be Blessed until we meet again.Image

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