Walk with the deer

Last year while walking in the woods, moving as quietly as possible, I came upon three deer lying down in the woods.They watched me for a minute or two before standing up and walking off through the woods out of sight. I waited several minutes before moving in the direction they had gone. Sure enough, I walked upon them lying down again, only this time, they allowed to lessen the distance between us. Again they stood and walked off, and again I found them, still closing the distance separating us. The next and last time I came upon them, I was really quite close and I decided to mimic their behavior. I assume they were amused at my antics, because they stayed there for several minutes before drifting over and down a steep hillside. In this life, if we keep walking  and never give up trying to be like Jesus, He in His great love, will allow us to draw ever closer to Him. I’m trying everyday to draw closer to Him, and hunger to hear His sweet voice. Join me, and let’s take this walk together. Be Blessed and Remain a BlessingImage

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