Quiet Time

When entering the realm of nature, there are basically two things we need to learn. One is learning to be quiet, and this one is a little harder and that is letting go of time. Time can  keep us bound, it allows us only to go so far. It will let us only do so much, until it begins to beckon us back in our mind. Have I gone too far? How much more can I do before I have to go back? That is the reason we see so many people rushing through the woods, making a lot of noise, which is the opposite of “QUIET”. When this happens we never get the chance to exercise our five senses, plus the fact is,  every thing that could have been seen, is now hidden from us. We will enjoy the journey when we learn to let go of time, look around, feel the quiet, smell the forest and get to know the touch of earth under our feet. Enjoy the soft touch of the air as it swirls around our face and hands, letting it’s gentle touch embrace us. In that journey of timelessness, we know for once in our lives, we have truly experienced freedom. Can money or vast riches purchase this? No way. Can it be, only by the knowledge and goodness of God, can we have it. We can have this and so much more when we let go of time, and get quiet before the Lord. Only then is there is sweet communion. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

forest path

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