Giving Thanks

My dad, when I was six or seven, sometimes would take me down to the ball fields where he plated in a fast pitch league. He was pretty competitive in any game he played. So when he gave his heart to to Jesus Christ, I knew he would give God his very best. A few  years later ,the Lord called him to preach, and preach he did. When dad did anything, he went all the way. He worked hard, played hard and preached hard. Every night before we went to bed, we would all kneel before the couch and pray together. Dad preached in a lot of different places, out in the country, in the coal camps, wherever they called from dad would go. We always had this one ritual on Sunday after church – we would stop at a Dairy Queen on the way home. He helped build a church, and as I mentioned in an earlier story, he lost his right hand. Even after that happened he built one church practically by himself. I am thankful to the few men who would stop by to help him whenever they could. Dad was very special to me, and we did many things together. All I’m trying to do my friends is give honor to my father. Although he is in heaven now, he is always with me. So thank you for allowing me to take a moment of your time to give a special thanks to my dad. Wherever you are as you read this, please take time to honor your parents. You only have one chance in this lifetime to do it. Love them, acknowledge them and give them a lot of hugs. Always, Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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2 Responses to Giving Thanks

  1. boysmomma says:

    Love you Dad, I am forever thankful for the memories of you praying over us, family devotions and the loving husband you are to mom! Your baby girl

  2. Gloria Boggess says:

    This explains why you are the Christ-like man you are today; all the Godly attributes became your spiritual DNA, handed down in the daily self-sacrifice of your father to you…..and your life is truly a blessing to all your family and friends. Thanks for sharing.

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