As I awake each morning, with the sounds of dogs, birds or cars, I give thanks to God that I have my faculties and senses. When I stand up, I give thanks for the ability to do so and the strength to do it. I’m overjoyed to see my wife again, even though she usually is still sleeping. Getting my self fully dressed and my cameras and gear squared away, I am ready to see what the Lord has spread out before me. Each new day with God is always full of surprises. It’s as if He takes me by the hand and says, “Come along, I’ve got something to show you, and you can learn more of me also.” Even though many would say I don’t have much, as far as I am concerned, I’m the richest man on earth. There is no amount of money that could buy the peace and joy of walking with God each day. I always keep an expectant heart in knowing what the Lord shows me, no matter how great or small, is going to be wonderful. Tuck these little words deep into your hearts because they may reveal things you have never seen or thought of before.  “Little is much when God is in it.” Keep an expectant heart and a child like spirit. Keep looking up, because the best is still ahead for the child of God. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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One Response to Expectations

  1. Gloria Boggess says:

    WOW, this one is a jewel; love the little bee and your words even more. GOOD inspiration to go into Resurrection week with. Hope you and Jan have a blessed EASTER and enjoy your family and the little ones! HUGS from our house to yours!

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