The Shot

Breathing and heart rhythm in shooting go hand in hand. To maximize both, we all should try to get into some type of exercise. Even if we are not shooters we should try to exercise, not only for ourselves but for our families too. Okay, back to to the breathing aspect. It not only helps get us into a rhythm, but also gives sharpness and clarity to the eyes,to be able to make the shot. Breathing should be normal, not taking a big gulp all at once, like when one may go under water. The heart lets us know it’s active, because it’s making the barrel go up and down with each heart beat. Now we need to get breathing and heart synchronized. Practice doing this while dry firing with your weapon. Take a normal breath intake and then let out a little air, and at the same time try to squeeze the trigger in between heart beats. This is real important and entails a whole lot of practice. Don’t get   frustrated and think everything is too hard. Every time you practice this, you’re making progress. If you get tired of doing it, stop for awhile and just go do some plinking. Never get so caught up in it that it quits being fun. Always enjoy what you are doing and be sure and include the family. The family is everything, and that is where you make those important and precious memories. We have a chance to pass along traditions as well as honesty, integrity and love to those that come after us – each member passing it down the line to each generation. They will never forget the good times, and it may bring the peace they need in a difficult situation. Be Blessed and Remain a BlessingImage

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