Play Shoes

Tennis shoes and small boys have one common thread, and that is playtime. Growing up, Converse was the big tennis shoe maker and probably the cheapest. The only time I took off my shoes was to take a bath and go to bed, because I didn’t think I would be running or jumping at either of these places. When I was a teen, I was playing basketball about all the time. One summer, while playing on a blacktop court, I had a march fracture of the bones in my left foot from jumping so much. New shoes or old beat up ones, did not matter to any of the boys. All that mattered was how good a boy could play. One kid’s tennis shoe tops and bottoms were practically gone, but he took duck tape and wound it around several times and kept playing in them. It must have worked out alright because he got a scholarship to play basketball in college. I was glad we never made fun of each others shoes. I think we had too much respect for each others abilities. An old saying still holds true today, “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” The shoes or clothes just cover a person, they never reveal what’s on the inside. Jesus wants us to love, care and respect each person we meet. By our words, we either are lifting up or putting down – giving hope or hurting. We may never know what treasures lie inside each person. Give everyone an opportunity to reach for their dream. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image  give everyone an opportunity to reach for their dream. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing

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  1. GloriB says:

    GOOD one……..I get this automatically on my email now…..thanks! We will be traveling to NC for mom’s 90th b’day this wekend., then on to TX to help out Harold…so thanks for the prayers while we are gone……hope you two enjoy the springtime and get some great pics, wherever you may go…………you bless us!


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