Needful Things

needful thingsEvery year, my brothers, sister and I would get the catalogs out to make our Christmas lists. We would get so excited looking at the pictures, each one exclaiming,” I want this or I want that.” This is a ritual that was followed for every event – Christmas, birthdays, or any other event we could coach mom and dad into. Even into our teen and on to our adult lives, all of us still had the “I wants for things”. As I began to work in different business venues, I began to notice the same traits in just about everyone else. I realize in my own life, looking back at decisions I made in the past, came from a lack of discipline in my choices. Sometimes, wanting things really bordered on selfishness. I’m glad I’ve changed from what I used to be. When I look at things now, I pray and ask myself is this a thing I want or is it something I need. If I decide it’s just a want, I discard the thought and just wait a while to see if it is a real need. Hopefully, as the Bible says, ” I once was a child, thought and acted as a child and now have set aside childish ways. Psalm 23, states, ” The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.” I am now a new person in Christ Jesus and I know if I have a true need, He will supply it in His time. Knowing where the answer to my need came from, I know to give Him all the praise and thanksgiving. To each of us, may we use the wisdom He gives us, and deliver us from all wants. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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One Response to Needful Things

  1. Gloria Boggess says:

    GOOD ONE! Hope you guys are having a great time and seeing lots of gorgeous flowers! Hope we can do a short trip sometime this summer!

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