Sitting in the woods on a hill side in the early afternoon, I was squirrel hunting and looking closely at the trees around me, mostly oak and beech. Something seemed different about a beech tree out in front of me. I kept searching the limbs. All at once it hit me, a squirrel was laying flat on a limb that had a recessed spot, and laying in that recess, the squirrel (being grey) made the limb look natural. Another day, walking a dirt road in the woods on private land, I had my bow with field tips just practicing shots at different yardages. I stopped walking and stood very still, for I sensed something else close by. I stood there for several minutes, looking and listening and then off to my right and just ahead of me, I saw this horizontal line amidst all the small brush and trees. Standing there even longer, this horizontal line began to move and what materialized in front of me was a deer, which continued feeding along. There are many other examples of recognition, but all of you at one time or another have done the same thing, like seeing a friend  or relative off at a great distance. You recognized them by their walk, gait, limp or bounce. How are we recognized by others, not only by our walk, but also by our speech or temperament, good or bad? As the squirrel or the deer, while trying to hide, was seen, how much more is seen of us by our Lord. Where can we hide? What about the things we’ve done in secret that we would like to keep covered up? There is nothing hid from Him. The one thing we can do is to pray and walk as close to God as we can. Living to bring Him glory. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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