I know! I know I’ll be preaching to the choir, but just bear with me. I’ve been into photography for a short time now, and I’m learning as I go by trial and error. Nature and landscapes are my main focus, and  I am now trying to do some macros. Without a good macro lens, close up shots can be tricky. I’ve learned when every thing is blurry, backing up until the object comes into focus does the trick. Really, it’s easy. I just wish I had learned this before making a lot of blurry shots. Many times in life we get in situations we think are really good. Might be a new boy or girl that’s come into our lives, and we think they are the dreamiest thing to come along. Perhaps a job opportunity or sales pitch, so good we just want to plunge right in. Hold on! Back up! Sometimes things that look right are not quite right. Take a little time and look at all the angles. Focus on the main issues and when we do, everything by God’s grace, as we back up, will become clear and the clarity we needed will be there. An old saying is, “W hen we think we are going slow, go even slower.” Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.P1000545

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2 Responses to Focused

  1. GloriB says:

    who took this one??


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