Years ago I checked out a book at our local library. It was called Instinctive Shooting by Lucky McDaniels,who during the depression sold tobacco products to country stores. Every store in  the country usually had a 22 rifle standing in the corner, and Lucky would make a bet with the owner that he could shoot thrown objects out of the air. He was very good at hitting the targets, which helped him sell his product. During the Vietnam war he was called upon by the Army to teach Instinctive shooting.  In his book he refers to using the bb gun. My buddy next door had a bb gun, which I borrowed for a few days. Across the road was a forest which had a small clearing in one part of it. I must have had a  knack for shooting, because I hit a coke can and proceeded to hit a quarter, then a nickle, penny, and finished with a dime. I eventually moved on to using a 22 rifle, which was a little bit more difficult and took a lot more concentration. I give God all the glory for giving me the abilities he has given me, but also thank and give credit to Lucky McDaniels for writing that little book. I want you to know, many years have gone by and I don’t shoot as much as I used to, and doubt if I could hit any targets now (well, maybe one or two). I know that God has given everyone some wonderful trait and abilities to use and try to improve on. Every job or some task you have to do, learn to trust those instincts and abilities, and most of all trust God and He will help you with everything you do. Remember, in all things, always deflect all the praise or acknowledgement you receive  back to God, for He alone is the giver of all talents and gifts. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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