Once upon a time I used to play all day without getting tired. I could do most things reasonably well – run, jump and throw. After writing my last blog, and as it should be, I have been writing from my past, and of course that is all we have to draw from. Sometimes we leave the impression that we did everything extremely well, and maybe once in awhile we had some good moments. Today, most of us truthfully can say, our walk is a little slower, our running (if we can call it running now) is a lot slower. Our jump is not as high and our throwing is not very fast, in fact pitifully slow and not very accurate. Time has a way of taking some of the skill we worked hard for, back in to its hands, never to see again, except in our minds. I think of those things once in awhile, replaying them in my mind, and that’s OK, just as long as we don’t get stuck in our past and not embrace the now and the things we can be doing. The things I have now can never be taken away. I pray for others, love the people I meet, and try to help others when I can. Our  experiences are all we have and we must teach or instruct the young in the things we have learned. God has given each of us another avenue to be used, and when we  help the young and see their joy in learning, we have joy, and will always be young at heart.Image

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