The Far Country

Beloved Friends,

I have just returned from a two week roundabout journey. We traveled to Columbia, S.C., to their arboretum and zoo. After putting our cameras to work there, we continued to Sumter, SC. Sumter has a beautiful park called Swan Lake – lots of flowers and at least seven different swans. Then to my wife’s favorite destination, the beach. Yes, you are right, the place where most West Virginians love to take their vacation. One of our favorite places to photograph is a beautiful spot about twenty miles below Myrtle Beach S.C., called Brook Green Gardens. We stayed in an ocean-front condo, so we could enjoy the full spectrum of the beach, people and the different variety of birds. I enjoy the beach, but the longer I’m there, the more an empty feeling begins to fill my whole being, and my eyes begin to look toward home. As we traveled back home, getting further inland, I begin to perk up. The small foothills began to appear. The foothills began to get larger and an excitement and joy leaped into my heart, and the realization that I was returning to my beloved mountains. I was a stranger at the beach, a place foreign, but yet appealing, especially since I knew it was for a short period of time. This is the way it is in life when we step out of our element, our calling in life. Find your place in God’s plan, then there is peace of mind and heart, knowing where you are planted. Let God lead you, and you will prosper in mind and spirit, learning as He teaches you, and as you are taught, likewise, go forth and teach others about this walk of life in Christ Jesus. I have returned once again to the God of my father. Will you?Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing

  my land

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