detectSeveral years ago, a friend at the post office was into metal detecting, and I eventually bought his old one. I guess he was tired of it. Since that time I have owned several different ones, and have really enjoyed the hobby. Yes, I like finding the coins, rings, civil war stuff and assorted junk. Most of all, I enjoy meeting new people that come up and are always asking questions about the hobby or how my detector works. I do my best to take time for everyone, a child or an adult, all of them. It’s like being an ambassador for the hobby, so I try to make the best impression I can. I have found lost rings, property pegs for people. Coaches have ask me to find pegs around the football field. The greatest thing I like most of all is when someone comes up and asks the question, ” What is the greatest treasure you have ever found?” I tell them, the greatest treasure I have ever found, is the day Jesus Christ came into my heart, and when He did, I became the riches man on earth. I like sharing Jesus with people, so I try to let everything be a witnessing tool for my Lord. We never know about the person we are talking to, what needs they have, or perhaps the loneliness or pain they may be going through at that moment. Releasing ourselves to be free to love everyone,and hopefully bring healing to their lives. Give it a try.  Walking with Christ is truly, thrills, romance and adventure. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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