Back Home, again

We had a great trip south to the Carolinas, taking lots of photos. After resting a week, it was off to Glenville, New York, to visit my wife’s brother. Lots of beautiful country, and lots to photograph, both the old and the new. We are trying to get all of our traveling done before the end of August, that is when our youngest daughter is to have her baby. It’s been a very busy summer so far and we are glad to get back from New York. I try not to think about cutting the grass, putting in the garden and numerous other projects. Boy! It would be nice to sit down and rest with a tall cold glass of ice tea. All of the things we have done so far, are all nice, as far as ” things” go, but there is nothing as great and satisfying as doing the will of God. The traveling was nice, but tiring, driving great distances. With God in prayer, I can travel the world in seconds, touching thousands, even millions, with God in the quiet, powerful place of prayer. Do His Work While it is Day and there is still TIME, for the Hour is late. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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