Since I was a child and through each stage of life, my desire to wander forest and field has never waned. I’ve walked the flat land green and wide, always wondering what’s over the next divide. Listening in awe as I stand beside the clear- running streams,the sound of music as the water cascades over the rocky places and splashes over the deep falls. I must keep moving as I hear my Savior call, “Follow me daily to our secret place of prayer” and as I go to this place, true to His word, He is waiting there. Sometimes the mountains are high and sometimes the valleys are deep, but I continue to follow for He is the Shepard and I am the sheep. Following in His footsteps, I am learning to watch and pray, and as I go with Him I feel my strength renewed each day. In the forest my senses have sharpened, but my eyes are constantly looking and longing for His beauty to see. Teach me Lord, something today, is my only plea.My friends we are heading home, the day is almost done, and the shadows are long, and we travel a land where we do not belong. There is a perfect rest when we know that we’ve given our very best. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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