Walking ver.2 learning to follow

Two days ago I shared about walking and getting lost. Today’s version takes a little twist. I know to some I may be splitting hairs, but even split hairs have a story to tell. Many times when people go walking it’s to see how fast we can go to a certain point. There are time we just count how many times we go around the track. I know one lady who goes to our park and she walks every path in the park at least once, and I would venture that she misses seeing a lot on her speed walk.  Usually walking entails going from point A point B, and only requires the physical part. I would like for us to take a fresh look at learning to follow, instead of the walking. When we follow it means we are actually trying to follow someone or something, to seek, to catch or apprehend, to go after. Taking the path this way is physical but can take on a more spiritual meaning. Jesus gave a great command when he told each disciple  ” to follow me”. This following never ends, for out of our love and devotion to Him, we seek to follow, to search and even attempt to take hold of, or to touch our Savior. Most of all there is a prize for this following, because when our journey is ended (and it does end) we can look on His beautiful face. The funny part is that we call it the end. In Heaven it’s only the beginning. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.


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