I remember

I remember as a little boy, dad preached in a lot of different churches. In those days it did not matter what denomination you belonged to. All that mattered was that you loved Jesus Christ and His word. I remember when I accepted Christ. It was on a Sunday morning in a Methodist church and Rev. Rountin who was a minister and professional actor and looked like the pictures of Christ. He even wore the sandals and white garment as he spoke and acted out the “sermon on the mount”. As he finished and was walking off the platform the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and at that moment I gave my heart to Jesus and my life continues to change for good. At that time my hunger to know Christ was (and still is) my greatest desire. There was no one to guide me, but I knew prayer was the path way. I began to watch Oral Roberts, Kenny Hagin, Pat Robertson, and Larry Lea, and many others. Whatever they prayed, I prayed, and that was my beginning in the life of prayer. The one man I honor to day as my mentor is Dr. Rouintree, a true servant of God, and one I knew who devoted his whole life to prayer and seeking Holy Ghost revival in America. My heart is heavy for America and the path of decay that it has chosen to embrace. In every church I hope teenagers can find a Godly man to follow as that man follows Christ. We must teach and encourage this younger generation that America can turn once again to God and repent so that we may have His blessing on our land again.May the blessing of conviction and salvation be upon all.Image

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