Hidden Things

As a small boy living on a dead end street with woods across the road, I spent a lot of time playing there. Tracking animals was one of my favorite things to do. Since I’ve progress some in  tracking and observation, I realize I must have passed up and overlooked a zillion things. Once at my favorite birding site, I was sitting in my car looking at the bare tree the birds would fly into, and there was not much activity, so I started the car to move to another location. The small bush that was fairly close to me came alive with several birds flying out of it. That was a valuable lesson I learned – to take nothing for granted and look beyond the obvious. I laid in my back yard to watch just a small patch of grass to observe the life that was going on in that small jungle of grass. There is travel, work, and always like humans, they are about survival. Now with practice, I go out in nature, taking my time moving and try to see the obvious, but also the unseen things that sometimes are passed over. There are wonderful things all around us in God’s great creation. I hope when we are with our friends, or even making new ones, we realize each of them have attributes that are very good, but are sometimes looked over. As we have studied nature, and learned to see and know, maybe we can take time to go slow and look at a friend in their natural setting and try to observe how they do things in different situations. We may be surprised at how remarkable a person they really are. In the same light, let’s try to be the best person we can be, because we never know who is watching our lives, and maybe we can jut be the good influence they need. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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