Grave Lessons

For the last week I have been walking  and sometimes driving through our local cemetery in my home town. With camera in hand I have found living among the graves, a mother fox with two kits, two parent hawks with two small ones, and two newborn fawns with their mother. Two bucks were spotted later with their antlers still in velvet. What a sight! Even in a graveyard there is much to be seen and to enjoy. Yes, I do have loved ones buried there and miss them very much, but they all know how much I love nature and if they a had chance to speak, they would say, “Go ahead, Gene, take your photos and share the life and beauty God has allowed you to capture on camera. We enjoyed them and so will others.” Look for beauty and look for life; seek and you shall find. I highly recommend looking in the church house. There is where we should find the best that God has to offer. Look at the eyes of people, for they mirror the soul, for the eyes will have life dwelling in them. The glow of peace and joy will be upon them and when others see it, that peace and joy will touch everything around them. Live in, through, and by the precious Holy Spirit.His abiding presence changes everything. Shake off the grave clothes and enjoy life as God intended you to enjoy. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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