Tickled Ears

After driving for about ninety minutes, we arrived at the crossroads where we always parked when we went squirrel hunting. Getting out of the car, dad went to his favorite spot, and I headed to a patch of woods I knew had some big fox squirrels. Entering the woods I saw a good spot under an oak tree which sat on a small rounded knoll  where I could sit and still see a good portion  of the woods. As I sat there quietly enjoying the beauty of the woods, I heard a faint sound in the leaves off to my left. I could not see what it was because it was a little lower than the knoll I was on. I knew it was a squirrel by the way he was moving in the leaves, looking for acorns. He didn’t seem like he was going to come in my direction, so for the fun of it I decided to try and bring him in by making small subdued sounds. My shotgun has checkering on the handle grip of the gun. Taking my fingernails, I began to scratch on the checkering making sounds of a squirrel cutting a nut. Lo and behold, that squirrel started moving in my direction. I kept making sounds once in a while hoping to entice it. I could hear it getting closer. I sat very still, not making a sound. All of a sudden it was right there. That squirrel seemed like it was only about ten feet away, taking a couple more small jumps, it knew something wasn’t right. It stood right up on it’s two hind legs and looked right at me. Mr. squirrel never got excited, he just turned around and walked right out of sight over the knoll again. Man! that was an adventure watching that confused squirrel. It was more fun than shooting it. I told dad about it later and he got a kick out of it also. The moral of the story is, don’t jump at the first thing that sounds good, many times it is the one that hurts you the most. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessingsnack time

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