Growing Pains

Life as a little boy sometimes has a lot of ups and downs starting out. Grade school was pretty good until I shot up to 6 feet tall and then the teachers kind of put limits on what and how much I could play with smaller kids, but that was okay. School was alright, but being a boy and full of excessive energy, it wasn’t my favorite thing. Going to the movies at the old Custer theater, my sister who was the oldest had to show the person in the ticket booth a note from mom that I was under twelve to get the child price. My brother and I tried out for little league baseball, and he was better than me, and in those days when they took one brother they had to take the other, much to their demise. I just grew too fast and was really clumsy, and played really badly. Things began to get better for me when I turned thirteen. I think it must have been due to all the running and exercise that my coordination began to get a lot better. Playing in the Pony league for ages twelve to fourteen, mom would sit in the stands and she said mothers were talking about me, saying I shouldn’t be playing with their boys because I threw the ball too hard. Sometimes you just can’t win. In the Little League, I got laughed at for being so clumsy and now in the Pony League the same people didn’t want me. I didn’t let it bother me. I was a kid and just enjoyed playing. I was never real competitive, and I had fun losing or winning. I just had fun playing the game. I was just glad they let me play, and overall I did pretty well all the way through school. I wish everybody, especially parents, would let the kids play and have fun. Everybody pushes kids hard, telling them winning is everything, and it’s not so. Kids have to learn losing is also a part of life and they should try to learn from it and be a gracious winner. Childhood is not always easy, but parents can help their children make all the transitions in life easier. Thanks for allowing me to ramble on, and yes, it was fun again to to remember a little bit of the past. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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One Response to Growing Pains

  1. Gloria Boggess says:

    LOVE this one….is that little guy YOU? I forgot how boys wear their shirts like that sometimes; reminded me of our little guy so many years ago………thanks for sharing!

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