The Dreaded Sound

“C’mon guys, let’s play tag football”, or ” let’s get a game of wiffle ball.” We would play these games and many other games all day long. Then the real fun began, playing hide and seek, or some other game we would make up. It did not matter if it was daylight or dark, we were ready for anything. The only thing that would interrupt or stop the games and playtime was the dreaded sound, which was a mom or dad calling out, ” It’s time to eat, come on in, it’s too dark to play.” That was bad, but the worst part was when we wouldn’t respond the first time. When the sound and pitch of the voice changed, we knew we had pushed them over the brink and we were in real trouble. You would think we were miniature supermen. Boys would be running in all directions faster than a speeding bullet and leaping tall school fences in a single bound, unless you would snag your pants leg on a sharp point on top of the fence. This would sometimes make matters worse if they were your good clothes that you were told not to play in. Oh, well! What’s one more spanking matter. We got those all the time, it was a part of just being a small boy growing up.

Today, I am not a small boy. I am a man, but there are times I want to be that small boy again and step back into yesterday. Today I, and all of you somewhere in this great planet Earth, have in some way been touched by pain, sorrow, grief or some other person’s grief, and been touched with joy, or the joy of another person. I still remember with sadness and yet joy the sound and call of my parents, calling me home one more time. There is one sound today I cherish more than any other, and that is voice of Jesus, saying, “Gene, it’s time to come away and pray with me for a little while. There is so much to do, but please let not those things steal away our time from being with Jesus. Always remember He is always waiting. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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