Who Am I

I remember when we were little boys and girls, boys as one group and girls in another group. Each group playing a myriad of different personalities. Girls play acting as nurses, dancers, models and etc.. Boys playing cowboy or Indian, then playing superman or soldiers, choosing sides to war against each other. It was fun being a child living out our fantasies every day, escaping into another realm as a different character. Sadly, some grown ups still try to live their lives hiding behind a mask and never growing up and finding the real person God meant for them to be. Let us all look in the mirror and ask, “Who am I,” because if we don’t know, we’ll never have the knowledge, peace and security that God has meant for us to have. There is a purpose for every life. Let’s push through our fears and insecurities to find the real purpose. Who am I? I’m just a man, but I know who I am, and know the role God has for me. I have found that peace, joy, and contentment in  Jesus Christ, and He makes life more wonderful every day. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.P1080946

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