Giving Thanks, when it’s hard

As a small boy, going hunting with dad, we would drive to Roane County about every weekend. On these trips, as a small boy and up through my teen years, dad would remind me to always be thankful to farmers  when they offered you something to eat. Never, never embarrass a farmer when they ask you to sit at the table with them. So when my friend Eddy and I came in from squirrel hunting about noon, Virgie, the farmer’s wife had made a pie. Now these were kind folks with eleven kids living in a small three-room home. The living room was where their mom and dad slept and it had a  small potbelly stove in the center of the room. There was one bedroom where most of the kids slept, and a large kitchen with a table and wood stove to cook on. Now they had doors, but since it was a hot fall day, the doors were wide open, so flying insects had an open invitation to come in. Giving you a description was important, because when Eddy stepped through the living room to the kitchen, the first thing out of his mouth was, “Gene! Virgie has made a raisin pie.” We were hungry and ready to eat. Virgie followed us into the kitchen and said, “How big a piece do you boys want?” She took that big old knife and scraped across the top of the pie, and when she did that we realized it wasn’t rain pie but a custard one and was covered with a thick layer of flies.  All we could say was, “Thanks for the pie but just a small piece is okay.” She just beamed with joy knowing that we liked her custard pie. We  learned two things that day and one was, it’s always important to be thankful; and two, sometimes things are not always what they seem, and never jump into something too quickly. I’m still learning that in all things give thanks to the Lord, because that is what pleases him.Image

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