Letting Go

Well, the last class of the day is geography, and as always it is still boring. Sixth grade sometimes can sure be a drag, and as usual this one was turning out to be the same. Waiting for the bell, we were just staring out the window, whispering quietly, making plans to play ball. On top of the hill,about a quarter mile away, my eyes picked up some movement. We kept watching and out of the tall grass came a good size pony. Boy! Our plans changed real quick. We were going to catch that pony if it was the last thing we did, and hope to ride it. The bell rang, and the three of us rushed home to find ropes to catch the pony so we could ride him. We got our ropes and started up the hill hoping the pony had not wandered off, but as we neared the crest of the hill, there he was. Boy, what a sight! Now if we can just get close enough to him. That pony didn’t seem to realize he was supposed to stand still, because he kept moving away from us. We devised  a plan to spread out and surround him, and it worked! Now that we had him, what do we do? We never had a pony before and had never even sat on a pony, much less ride one. I was elected to hold him until one of the guys could figure a way to climb on. I was mighty proud to be chosen to hold the pony still. What an honor! What a thrill to just stand beside a big pony! Then the unexpected happened and the pony stepped on my foot! I was getting scared because the pony kept applying pressure and it felt like he going to push my foot right into the ground. I tried to hold on, but I got so scared I had to let go. The moment I let go of the rope, the pony took off running away from us. I really felt bad, because I was the one who ruined the adventure for everyone. I did learn a valuable lesson that day that still carries to this day. There is a time to  try and hold on to something, but more importantly, there is a time to let go. One of the hardest was when dad was dying and I prayed and fasted so long and hard, but there came a time my pastor said, “Gene, it’s time to let him go.” I know many of you have gone through this and if you have not, you will someday. Remember, when that time comes, just let them go and continue their journey on to heaven, a much better place, and once again see those love ones that are waiting to see them. Please, Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing is my prayer.horses

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