Leaving Marks or Trails

In the early morn or late evening we can observe the silvery trail of a slug that’s out and about doing his business. When walking in the forest, one can see the cuttings of what a squirrel has left behind after taking the best from the hickory tree. Yes, sometimes we can see where humans have walked or ridden their bike on the trails, or as some do, trying to impress someone by carving names on a tree. Every living creature leaves a mark of some kind or leaves a trail to follow from where they started to where they are headed. Usually with animals we know there is purpose in what they do and that’s eating, resting, or multiplying their species. There are many times I don’t understand our actions. We tend to be more erratic in our actions and without thinking we hurt or destroy things in our forest. Thankfully there are times we build up, clean up, and take care of what has been given to us. What kind of trail are we laying down for the younger generation to follow? They are watching what we do. The example we leave hopefully will be good, in every aspect, where we go, say, do, eat, how we love each other and how we talk in their presence. I hope we speak well of people, so that our conversation has a good lasting impact on them. Like the foot print, may we leave them with an impression that is good, clear and easy to follow. Thank you for allowing me a time ramble on for a while. Sometimes lessons are hard to learn, so may God continue to bless us with His grace. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing to all in this life.ImageImageImageImage

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