Heart Song

Growing up as a small child, I don’t remember getting any praise about anything. Growing to six feet in height while in grade school, I realize I was pretty awkward, and being a grade school kid, I just could not comprehend how to do certain chores very well. It  wasn’t until about the ninth grade that, I started to improve in my motor skills and my love for sports that I heard a voice of praise once in a while. Just for the record I’m not the the type that needs a word of praise, in fact a lot of times I go out of my way to avoid it. But, as a child I heard other children getting praise for one thing or another, I wondered what it feel like to hear it  myself.  I’m older now and have passed through a lot of different phases in  this life. Once I gave myself to Jesus Christ, all I had done before in life did not matter as much anymore. I like going to church and singing the church hymns that give thanks to the Lord, because I know it’s one way I can bless the Lord. I get kidded about my singing, I guess it doesn’t sound very good to others. I can’t read music and sometimes I am just  a little off key, and I guess it must bother others once in a while. I’m still confused about music because sometimes a person will say I have a beautiful voice. I don’t let the positive or negative deter me in any way, I just point my eyes toward heaven and sing the best I can, because at that moment I know I have an audience of two, that’s God and His son Jesus. At that time all I need to know is that it brings a smile to their face and they are pleased when I sing from the heart. That’s all I need, again, that’s all I need, because when I know they are happy, I’m happy. So when you are in church and hear someone that may be a little off key, please don’t pass judgement, because if they are singing from the heart, you may be judging God’s praise and I don’t think He would like that very much. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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