New Seasons

Observing birds and animals takes time and patience. Sometimes I’m sitting in a car, or I’m on a hillside and sometimes sitting in a bush. There is often great rewards and at times none, It’s o.k., I learn to except either one. Large creatures tend to stay still, while small ones tend to be anxious moving all the time and these are difficult to photograph. They often move through and past the place I’m waiting, before I can get my camera ready. Every moment is a learning experience, what we see, hear, and where we are is a part of it. Life lessons are like these moments also. People come into our lives and many times become fast friends, or some maybe just casual friends but really seem to enjoy the times we do share. Just about the time we are really getting in a good friendship, Bam! Right out of left field they are up and gone, and we wonder, what happened? What did I do to cause this to happen? Learn to let them go. God brought them into your life for a season and a purpose. Both of us if we look back learned things about ourselves and each other. Step back and give thanks for the good times spent together. Wait and trust God, because the next person you may minister and they to you in a whole different way. All moments we are given are to teach us and prepare us for going to His heavenly kingdom. Watch and pray with all prayer and supplication and watch for God’s next life lesson. Be not anxious about anything for our God is never taken by surprise because He knows all things, and He is in control. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing, and in all thing give thanks.exotic bird rose finch

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