When I was a kid, just about everyone enjoyed grade school, and it was fun, very little work, but a whole lot of recess. Ah! That was the life, but good things always come to an end. The big number, thirteen, junior high school, strangers, girls, guys, and sports. Boy! I thought I would go crazy – hard teachers, and worst of all, that thing called homework. My junior high school was a good mile walk, but it was all down hill off the mountain. The walk was o.k., and  we would play along the railroad tracks at the bottom of the hill. You know how boys are, we would leap frog over every two or three of the wood ties that supported the rails, and sometimes try to balance ourselves on one rail and see how far we could walk it. At times we would wonder where these long rails went to, probably far distant cities we thought we would never get to see. A lot of that changed as we got older, and we have seen some places we had dreamed about. The funny thing about rails was that where we stood they were far apart but far in the distance they merged together. Traveling across these same rails some years later, the thought came to me that it reminded me of marriage. Starting out with two people who pledge their love and life to each other. Starting out, they are two different people in their thinking, habits, likes and dislikes. As we travel these rails of life we know there will be minor glitches and bumps on the way, but we know the farther we go the more we begin to realize, we must agree on all the essentials and not waver in our support of each other. Now after many years together, we see we are more alike than ever and are beginning to see the merging of those two rails, or as I would call them, two hearts. For those starting out, or those who have seven, ten, or even fifteen years of being together, there will be bumps, hard times, hurt hearts, but when we face everything together, there are greater rewards and less regrets. There are greater joys, seeing your children grow up and their finding the right mate, jobs and careers. The desire to have a family and in time seeing that beautiful baby, your first of many grandchildren. This is the path God, in His word, has ordained for each person. Your marriage, life, and relations can all be had when we just lay it all in His hands and trust Him with the future. The rails of life are great and the ride is wonderful with joy, love and exciting side trips. All these are extras the Lord puts in the mix. Oh, what a Saviour! Young people it’s worth  waiting for the right person, and the right time to marry. So, get on board and enjoy the journey, because it’s a trip you won’t want to miss. May God be your Blessing and may you be a Blessed.Image

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