No Regrets

When I was a small child, I would walk around the house, and walk into and through all the woods across the street.  As I started playing games as a boy, I began to run everywhere, playing tag, hide and seek, baseball, and touch football. Finally arriving in my late teens, I was doing a lot of hunting – never had much time for girls, dating and such, I was having too much fun being a big kid. No matter what, being a child, boy, or teen, there is  to my regret, room for mischief. All those things I will always regret. Married at the age of twenty-eight, that was, at that time, the greatest thing ever to happen to me until at thirty, I met the Saviour Jesus Christ and He became the greatest person to change my life. Everything changed, finding out how to truly love and care about people, praying and talking and walking with the Holy Spirit everyday, WOW! Now that is really great. What an awesome experience. Oh, I still make mistakes and stupid blunders, but I have a Saviour who forgives me, to which I’m really grateful. There is no more running, but I still am walking a lot these last forty-three. It’s nothing like the first thirty years. Now serving Christ, I have no regrets in choosing to follow Him. I would not change one step of every mile walking with Him, nor one second, minute, or years, serving Him. He alone is worth it all. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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