Beauty Of the Forest

Having a beautiful day off and some alone time, I decided to go out with my bow and arrow to practice a little bit. It was a beautiful day, and I was walking a dirt road that was closed off to the public, a nice piece of private land. I like to use blunt tips on my arrows with a rubber tip to go over each arrow which helps to not loose them under the ground, or harming the shaft by hitting stumps. I usually practice shooting  from five to thirty yards, varying the distance, plus shooting up hill and down. It is good practice and gets me ready for deer season. Moving along the road, something did not seem right, so I stopped and stood absolutely still for several minutes. Finally after studying the woods around me, I spotted what triggered my warning system. Off to my right I saw two deer standing over and beyond a thicket. They began to feed, but out of the corner of my eye I picked up new movement. There was a rise in the land in front of me, and about four deer heads begin to appear. There was nowhere for me to hide, so I knelt down in the middle of the road and with the five arrows in hand, I fanned them out like playing cards and sat real still, just to see how close the deer would come before spotting me. Three deer came within fifteen yards and stopped and were curious, but wouldn’t step any further. A moment later a bigger, older deer moved up and saw me, and knew I was not a part of the road she walked many times before. So with a light stomp of her foot, all four turned around and quietly walked back the way they had come. As you and I walk through this life and face different problems, take a good look at the situation. If something doesn’t seem right, back off, and wait until you know the time is right. Here is a tip for today. When looking for deer in the woods, look for the horizontal and you may see more deer because most things in the woods are vertical, God is good all the time, so be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.Image

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