The Entrance part 1

black water fallsAs I entered once again this great cathedral that people call the forest, I step and all at once am immersed in the beautiful color of fall with the bright brilliance of colored leaves. Standing there, I feel so small amidst these great trees. I wonder at the things that are missing. Where is the song of the bird, the movement of the deer or the excited warning sounds of the chipmunks? The forest floor is covered with dry colored leaves, and I move as quietly as I can trying not to disturb their home any more than it has been already. Someone had moved through this area before me, as I find a broken briar limb and crushed undergrowth that had not straighten yet. I feel sorry for my little friends, that their forest home had been so noisily intruded upon. I have been there so much, I felt they were getting somewhat used to me, and now I must try and rebuild some trust with them. Our God entrusted this forest and all that’s in them to our keeping. I hope we can begin to be good stewards of this great land. It’s beginning to get a little dark here in the woods, so I will take my leave and return another day. Be Blessed and Remain a Blessing.

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